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About R2A

Diminished Car Value and Auto Damage Appraisal Experts

How We Got Started

hands holding car and money signReady2Appraise started in 1962 as a regional independent car value appraisal company in Fresno, located in Central California. That was far before computers, the Internet, digital photos, and from our current viewpoint, almost before time began! Although many things have changed in 45 years, some things do remain the same: Insurance companies are still in it for a profit!

The vast majority of those involved in auto accidents don’t have any idea of their rights under the law. While we are not lawyers and will not give legal advice, the provisions in your insurance policy limit your right of recovery for vehicle damage after an accident. However if you are a third party claimant, read our e-Book, “R2A’s Guide to Loss Recovery.  You have no contract with the other party’s insurance company and therefore you are not limited by their policy’s terms. This is possibly the best news you could get, aside from both you and your passengers being OK! Why? Because as a claimant, your rights are not limited by the insurance company’s contract; you are free to pursue the full recovery of your loss!

How We Serve You

45 years later, we are still in Fresno, CA and working with clients across the U.S. to ensure you get the best claim settlement possible after a car accident. With an accurate vehicle damage appraisal of your vehicle loss and through years of experience as Certified Independent Appraisers, we obtain agreed upon settlements which are substantially greater than what the insurance company is offering. We negotiate knowing their “hot button issues”, which will hasten their agreement to make a fair settlement.

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