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Don’t believe us? Ask Kelly!

Can we really help you get a better settlement?

Sure we can!  Just ask Kelly!

Here is a letter from one of our clients which says is all.  Don't believe us...just read her letter and then decide!  Let us help you ensure you recover your car's full value - Ready2Appraise are expert, certified auto loss appraisers.

Dear Seth:

I want to thank you for taking the time with my case and following through with my insurance company. I have been with State Farm for over 15 years and recently bought a Scion xB that was stolen 2 months later; not only was I devastated by the theft but I was left arguing with my claims adjuster about the worth of it! They sent me a settlement check for $13,600 and I was undecided as to whether or not to dispute. After all, with such a large amount given and such a trusted company, what chance did I have at getting a fair appraisal? I called you, Seth at Ready2Appraise; it literally only took one call and from our first conversation, I knew I made the right decision. You listened to my story and paid thorough attention to details which I would not have known were important when negotiating with an insurance company. We corresponded via email which was convenient for me. I handed off the claims rep’s name and contact information and you carried it through to the end. The final email was a pleasant surprise! I thought maybe you might recover another $1,000 if things were going my way. You recovered over $3,200.00 plus taxes and license fees from a company that I have loyally paid premiums to for over a decade.

Bottom line: by choosing to make that first contact with you (I provided you with limited information and a contact number) the next thing I know is you’ve recovered ALL my car’s worth! If anyone reads this, it may be…because of a doubt they have with a settlement, I say it’s worth a try. That’s what I did and it has paid off big. Ready2Appraise knows the laws and how to “dance” with these guys; I couldn’t get them to give me a fair settlement without your service. Thank you very much.

It feels good to have someone fighting for your interests in a time when you need it most and have been let down. Thank you again for getting over $4,000.00 recovered in addition to what they told me was a fair settlement!!!!


Kelly R. B.