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Our Qualifications

Qualified Auto Loss Appraisers

The “Product”

The auto loss appraisal team at Ready2Appraise consists of Qualified Appraisers, recognized by many national appraisal orginizations.  Our Certified Appraisers oversee, audit and certify all appraisals before they are released to our clients.  These documents are our “Product” and represent the culmination of many years of experience and expertise in the field of automotive appraisals!

The Long Trail

The development of an accurate auto loss appraisal started long ago.  In the early 60’s, our appraisal business was regional, operating in central California.  Over the years, the business developed many insurance clients and primarily performed vehicle damage analysis for them.

As time passed, our business expanded to include “Retail” services; appraisals for classic cars and hot rods.  This remained the mainstay of the business for many years.

New Blood

The original owners retired and the current management team went to work analyzing, modifying and developing a new business model. The current ownership management team is comprised of highly qualified auto loss appraisal experts, each representing distinct areas of expertise.  Our team consists of two Qualified Automotive Appraisers; three office personnel representing  Information Technology, Bookkeeping, Accounting and Information Research; an attorney and the ever present Web Dude.

Our management team’s qualifications include:

  • I-Car Gold Class training
  • ASE Body and Paint certification
  • Licensed Insurance Adjusters
  • Recognition by the IADA as Qualified Automotive Appraisers
  • Certification in the California Fair Claims Practices Act
  • Recognition as being “expert” witnesses by the Superior Court of California

The New Vision

While reflecting on our past experiences, we have good reason to be proud of our strong “Customer First” mind set.  We have seen what we identified as unfair insurance decisions concerning the valuation of vehicles for their clients.  While the insurance companies do not knowingly make poor settlement decisions, their staff Adjusters are usually just over worked and in an attempt to settle claims quickly, utilize the services of a third party auto appraisal service to evaluate vehicle losses.  As these third party appraisal services work only for the insurance company, this often results in clients not receiving a truly fair settlement on a vehicle damage loss.  As one insurance adjuster, concerning a total loss value stated, “If they only knew!”

We turned our focus to the development of an online presence for our business, concentrating on the 3 areas where we felt clients were receiving undervalued settlements or no settlement at all. We knew from past experience that these people might not receive a fair settlement without help. We launched our new business model and have continued our “Customer First” attitude to our online business, analyzing your loss and giving you straight answers to your tough questions. We strive to provide the finest “Product” available in the industry in our 3 areas of expertise:

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