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Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Here is a list of recent clients Ready2Appraise has helped to recover their vehicle damage loss caused by Diminished Value, Loss of Usage or Total Loss.

Total Loss Recovery

Kelly B. (T/L, Scion xB Custom Envy) Offer: $13,600; Settlement $16,800! California case

Rachael S. (2007 Nissan Maxima SE T/L with Prior Salvaged Title) Offer: $9,500; Settlement: $17,145!  New Jersey case

Robert V. (1973 Chevy stepside C10 custom) Offer: $2725.00; Settlement: $7800.00  Nevada Case- Settlement limited by policy limits on modifications.

Loss of Usage Recovery

Daniel W. (2000 Porsche 911, 28 days in shop) Rental offer: $2438.50; Settlement: $5,256!  Oregon case

Diminished Value Recovery

Daniel W. (2000 Porsche 911; minor damage to front fender)  Offer: $ 0.00, Settlement: $ 843.00! Oregon case

Jose O. (2009 GMC Arcadia; major damage to left side, rear) Offer: $0.00, Settlement $7,044.46! California case. Award limited by policy limits being exceeded.


"Hi Seth, I can’t thank you enough for finalizing this settlement (total loss) with The Hartford. Without your expertise help we would have been in a standoff for many months to come. I am very excited to be able to repair the Blazer to the condition it was before the accident. We will get together very soon as I owe you and Ruthie a wonderful dinner. Gratefully, Ann K."

"Dear Seth, We appreciate all of your help! See you soon, Michael & Ann M."

"Ready2Appraise, I recommend your company for a good and honest job especial Seth , we spoke on the phone various times but I felt like I know him. I hold you guys in high regards and will speak about your company very highly." - Jeff O.

"Thank you for your efficient work and kindness." -Elmer & Carole B.

"My thanks to you! Seth, Life has been a little less than normal so thanks for your assist. I have told several friends of your business, hope none of them nee you—who knows. One day at a time, a thing at a time, how do you eat an elephant—one bite at a time. Take care." - Patricia F.

"Thank you for your courtesy and cooperation. I hope to get more damaged vehicle cases to send your way." -Bill