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Benefits of Working with a Certified and Licensed Vehicle Appraiser

If you have an accident, you might be inclined to let the insurance company handle the appraisal for you. That is a big mistake. Instead of leaving it up to the insurance company, you should use a certified and licensed appraiser. While there are many reasons to hire an independent appraiser, here are three to consider. Insurance Appraiser

They Aren't Biased

Appraisers hired by insurance agencies are often biased. They want to get the best deal for their clients, so they might give an appraisal that's in the agency's favor. The same is not true for certified and licensed vehicle appraisers. They are independent appraisers who follow a firm set of guidelines. Because of that, they always give accurate appraisals. That means you might end up getting more money than you would if you just settled for the insurance company's appraisal.

They are Trusted by Insurance Agencies

The country, state, and IRS recognize certified and licensed appraisers. They also belong to national appraisal organizations. Because of that, insurance agencies trust them. It is difficult for agencies to ignore an appraisal that comes from such a reputable source.

They Simplify the Process

Certified appraisers will actually contact the insurance company and negotiate settlements for you. This is very helpful since they have the negotiating skills necessary to get the best deal for you. It's also helpful, since you won't have to deal with filing your own paperwork or begging the insurance company to pay the full amount. Handling it on your own can be a big headache, so it's nice to leave it to someone else.

Car accidents are incredibly stressful, but you can take some of the stress away by hiring a certified and licensed insurance appraiser. That way, you will be certain to get the money that you are owed, you have someone to help you navigate the settlement process and you can do it without having to haggle with the insurance company.