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Diminished Value, Total Loss and Loss of Use Recovery

Diminished Value, Total Loss or Loss of Use of Your Vehicle

That car accident just cost you more than you know!

wrecked carReady2Appraise.com specializes in the recovery of Total Loss, Diminished Value and Loss of Use vehicle claims.  Find out how much you are owed...FREE!  Ready2Appraise.com will analyze your damaged vehicle claim and determine the amount of your loss which you may still be owed. Click for a FREE analysis (a $95.00 value) and we will personally contact you with the details of the potential recovery from your vehicle loss.

If you have been involved in a car accident, the insurance company may still owe you money.

  • If your vehicle was a Total Loss, are you sure you are being paid what it is really worth? Find out NOW before it's too late!
  • Were you forced to take a cheap rental car in place of your high end vehicle? This is called Loss of Use and you are owed for the rental value of your car. Find out more...NOW!
  • Could you sell your repaired car for as much now after the accident as you could before? Common sense says "NO"! This is Diminished Value and you may be owed for this loss of value.

The certified appraisal team at Ready2Appraise in Fresno,CA are experts at helping you recover the full value from your vehicle damage or loss and are proud to serve clients throughout the U.S.

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Ready2Appraise, We'll Help you ...GET IT BACK!


What is Diminished Value, Total Loss and Loss of Use?

Diminished Value Appraisals

If you have been in an accident your car now has an accident "history" which you must disclose to a potential buyer of your car. Anyone in their right mind won't pay as much for a car that has been previously wrecked and repaired when compared to one which does not have this "stigma" or history.  Your repaired car may be just fine, but try and convince the guy or gal looking at your car; who can guarantee the repair work? You have just experienced Diminished Value!

Total Loss Appraisals

If your car has been declared a total loss by the insurance company, you need to make sure you get what it's actually worth.  Many cases, values determined by the insurance company are undervalued!  Don't accept a settlement offer until you know.  Call us today and find out before it's too late!

Loss of Use? Tell me more!

Loss of use occurs when your car is being repaired from an accident.  If you have a higher end vehicle, you are most likely getting a car of lesser quality to drive as a "loaner" car.  If the accident wasn't your fault, you are owed the money for the rental value of YOUR car, even if you didn't rent or use a loaner car.  Recovery of this loss is significant!