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Diminished Value


What is Diminished Vehicle Value?

If your vehicle has been damaged and repaired, it has lost car value. Diminished value occurs because your car has an accident history. Your insurance company will report your car accident claim to one of the national reporting agencies such as CARFAX® or AutoCheck®.  It is routine procedure for car dealers to check with these agencies prior to accepting your vehicle for trade or resale and it is becoming common practice for retail buyers as well.  If your vehicle has a “dirty” CARFAX® or AutoCheck® report, dealers will sell your car wholesale to be rid of it.  Retail buyers will likely scrub the deal.  With a “dirty” report, Diminished Car Value is as certain as death and taxes!

Ready2Appraise.com deals specifically with Inherent Diminished Value so contact us now for a FREE No Obligation Assessment to see if you qualify. Let us help you recover the Diminished Value of your vehicle now… or suffer the loss later.


Start with our FREE assessment of your claim.  Fill out our short form and allow our staff a day to “crunch the numbers” to see if you QUALIFY to recover a loss caused by diminished value, totaled car value - even if it has a salvaged title or loss of vehicle use claim. It’s fast, free and there is absolutely no obligation! We will personally contact you and let you know if you have a valid claim and can gain a possible settlement. We will even contact you if you don’t qualify.  Isn’t it better to know this first?

For those who qualify for and desire our service, Ready2Appraise.com will provide:

  • The Certified Appraisal needed to gain satisfactory recovery of your financial loss
  • Research materials to back it up
  • Our “Five Days to Loss Recovery” course to help you achieve a financial settlement in Diminished Value, Totaled Car, Loss of Vehicle Use and Salvage Title cases
  • FREE analysis of any offered settlements prior to your acceptance

No other diminished value auto appraisal company offers the hands on assistance which our staff provides.

Ready2Appraise.com…We’ll Help you GET IT BACK!©

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