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What is Diminished Value?

What is Diminished Car Value?

This is the amount which you as a seller will be forced to reduce the price of your vehicle before a willing buyer will accept the price due to the vehicle now having an accident history. Dealers and private purchasers will not be willing to accept the perceived liability of the repairs even when done to industry standards.

This perceived risk or "stigma" which occurs when a vehicle has a prior accident history is what causes your vehicle to lose value. The amount of this loss is dependent on many factors and the research staff at Ready2Appraise.com has spent many hours examining cases involving Diminution of Value to derive at logical criteria to arrive at logical quantitative values of loss.  (If it were easy, everyone would do it!) Key members of our staff have gone through intensive training with a team of appraisers from around the US and an experienced staff of attorneys who specialize in these type of diminished vehicle value losses.  We feel that we have absolutely the best trained and most knowledgeable staff of any service available.