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Diminution of Value, Totaled Car Value appraisals in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Diminished Value or Total Loss appraisals in Tulsa, Oklahoma

If you reside in or around the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, call Ready2Appraise for a FREE consultation concerning your loss. Diminished value is a recoverable loss and you have to be made whole, that is, you must be in the same financial place as before the accident, by the insurance company. Don't allow them tell you that there is no such thing as Diminished Value. This just is not honest!

The simple test for Diminished Value is to simply question yourself, "Would you be willing to buy this car  for the identical price and the one down the street which has never been wrecked?" Obviously, the response is NO! You have just suffered diminished value.

Contact us today at 866-568-8807 and our personnel will quickly tell you what steps need to be taken to retrieve your loss.

If you have suffered a total loss of your car, make sure that you regain what it is truly worth. Many insurance companies rely on 3rd party services to find a value for your car. In many, many cases, these values are wide of the mark, lacking many options and comparing your vehicle to one of lesser quality to draw a value. Don't let them get away with this. As one insurance adjuster told me a number of years ago, "if they only knew!" He was referring to the fact that if challenged, the insurance company will just about always pay more to settle the total loss claim

Ready2Appraise is proud to offer our service in your local area. Contact us at 866-568-8807 and We'll help you…GET IT BACK!

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