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Will I need an Appraisal?

Will I need an appraisal on my damaged car?

words with appraise hilightedIf you wish to pursue a Diminished Value or Total Loss Valuation claim, we will provide the needed appraisal to establish your monetary loss caused by this claim.  Our Certified Appraisals are Court admissible documents and will withstand the tests of arbitration or mediation.  A Certified Vehicle Appraisal will be needed to attempt recovery in any auto loss claim from an insurance company.  Understandably, the insurance company will be unwilling to pay out any more money than it must to settle a damaged vehicle claim, and without a Certified Appraisal, they won't even discuss the matter!

Utilizing our Certified Appraisal, the insurance company is forced into a position where it must negotiate with us on the car loss recovery.  At this point, many factors will begin to come into play.  Vehicle loss recovery laws will vary from state to state, so what ever actions must be taken will depend upon your local laws.