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Exact Replacement Rental Car

Exact Replacement Rental Car

How much am I owed for the rental value of my car?

Hire your own EXPERT and find out!

Car Rental SignIf the insurance companies do it, why don’t you!  Don’t put yourself at a disadvantage! Ready2Appraise offers you our expert vehicle appraisal service to facilitate the recovery of the rental value of your car.  Before it’s too late, click here for a FREE, no obligation assessment of your claim and get that rental car money back!

The insurance industry on the whole is protecting their interests whenever auto loss occurs.  This is just a matter of business as usual.  They hire experts to analyze their vehicle loss histories, to calculate where money can be shaved off in the settlement of your car loss claim, all in an effort to improve their profitability.  They even try to limit the amount of time for which they are willing to provide you a rental car.  They are building their profitability on your financial loss!

Don’t let them get away with substituting an inexpensive rental car for your vehicle while it is being repaired.

You are owed for the exact replacement of your car while your damaged vehicle is under repair*.

If you own a luxury car or higher end vehicle, the recovery of this loss may be significant!  Better yet, you don’t even have to rent a car to recover this loss in most cases.

These Loss of Vehicle Usage rental car recovery claims are solidly based on court precedent and are fully documented to aid your recovery.  We cite Civil Jury instructions to support your case.  There is no reason to suffer this needless loss; the insurance companies are just taking advantage of your loss to help their own financial position.

*this recovery applies to 3rd party claimants only

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