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Total Loss Appraisals

Total Loss Auto Appraisals

My car has just been declared a Total Loss!  Now what do I do?

This is a question people ask every day.  The majority of us just take for granted that whatever the insurance company offers as a settlement must be good.  After all, they are the experts!


Know What Your Total Loss Car is Really Worth

Before you decide to accept a settlement offer on your total loss vehicle, it’s best to consider if you are getting a fair deal.  Many insurance companies sublet the valuation process for your total loss car to automated valuation companies.  You will hear a name like CCC or Mitchell from your insurance adjuster as the provider of the valuation for your totaled car.  At this point, our advice is to walk away from the cliff, don’t accept the total loss settlement until you fully understand and know the true worth of your car.

Start with our FREE assessment of your claim.  Find out if you QUALIFY to recover a loss caused by diminished value, totaled car value - even if it has a salvaged title or loss of vehicle use claim!

What qualifies as a total loss?

A total loss occurs when it will cost more to repair your vehicle than to replace it.  The insurance company will then obtain a value for what they think your car is worth and offer you a settlement.  There are many factors which must be considered before an accurate value for your car can be determined.  Condition, options, mileage on the vehicle and many other items must be considered to obtain an accurate value of your car.

Why doesn’t the insurance company get an accurate value for my car?

Several facts must be considered; the first is “over worked and under paid”-claims adjusters are usually entry level folks trying to make a living like everyone else.  They are hard pressed by management to settle claims in a limited amount of time. Some states have placed time limits on the length of time in which a claim must be settled, but this rarely influences the outcome of a claim. From our experience, the management teams of insurance companies are pressing for rapid settlement to: improve the company profitability, or to just make the manager look good! Neither of these factors will help you obtain a satisfactory settlement.

What do I need to do to get an accurate and satisfactory settlement?

The best thing is to get an accurate Certified Appraisal from Ready2Appraise.com and let us deal with the insurance personnel on your behalf.  We know the ropes and have handled literally thousands of insurance claims with all major insurance companies.  We know how they work and what must be done to reach a settlement.  Step back from the cliff and call us.

You are under no obligation to use our service, but don’t waste your time or money by not knowing if you can even file a valid claim.  Fill out our information request, give our staff a day to evaluate your loss claim and we will contact you personally and let you know if you qualify.

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