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Salvaged Title Vehicles

Salvaged Title Vehicles

Vehicles which have a branded or salvaged title are becoming more common. The high cost of repair is causing vehicles to be totaled at an alarming rate. Many of these vehicles are sold “as is” and then satisfactorily repaired and returned to the road. After being inspected by the Department of Motor Vehicles, the vehicle is re-licensed for the road with a “branded” or salvaged title.

Two questions to ask about Salvaged Title vehicles

1) Was the vehicle repaired to industry standards?

2) What caused the vehicle to be totaled in the first place: an accident, recovered theft, flood, storm damage, etc?

You can easily see that some issues are more critical than others. Some vehicles can be rebuilt, while others should have been junked. The question is this: Have you been paying insurance rates which are the same as for a vehicle with a “clean” title?

My vehicle was totaled and it has a Salvaged Title, what now?

Your Total Loss settlement offer from the insurance company on a salvaged vehicle may only be 50% of the retail value! While there is some diminution of value caused by your vehicle having a salvaged title, the insurance company is cheating you by charging you full price rates for your insurance and then offering you a cut-rate settlement. Don’t let them get away with this!

Contact us for a Certified Appraisal on your loss to help determine the actual value of your car.  You may be entitled to more than you think!

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